一个让你放心的品牌 从单纯尝试到觉得没上在脸上就没安全感 甚至每个新产品都很想尝试的状态 真的极爱Rose Alba!

Yein Chan / Professional Makeup Artist

Every women likes to have smooth , soft & healthy skin. I’m so happy that I finally found Daisy Sky’s skin care that is so natural yet affordable to every women of every age. First of all , their Rose hydrosol is excellent. It is a must try products. It can be use as toner, hydrating mask or even face & hair mist. I can feel that my skin is so soft
& instantly brighter after I use it as mask.

I also suffer from sensitive skin few months ago which caused burning sensation , itchy & very dry skin. From then on, I started to try Daisy Sky Centella skin barrier recovery repairing essence as well as lotion which work wonders for me. Within 2 weeks my sensitive skin recovered, it feels soft and supple. The products smell great too with no artificial perfume in it. I just love every products of Daisy Sky. Try it yourself today!

Amy Thien / Combination Dry

I was totally pulled off by its packaging when I first meet Daisy Sky. 𝐌𝐢𝐧𝐢𝐦𝐚𝐥, 𝐜𝐥𝐞𝐚𝐧, 𝐚𝐧𝐝 𝐧𝐢𝐜𝐞. Just like their brand philosophy. It attracts me more when I realized it is a vegan all natural aromatherapy skincare brand. I am so into aromatherapy and100% natural products.

My favorite product must be their Rose Otto Hydrosol. I have dry skin yet it keeps my skin hydrated and bright! Recommend you guys to try it out! You will definitely love it like I do. Can’t wait to try out more products from Daisy Sky

Chan Pei Shing 23 / Dry Skin

After joining the Daisy Sky community and interacting with the founder, Wan Lin, I now know the story behind the brand and how worth it is to invest in this skincare line. I highly recommend Daisy Sky and have introduced the Brightening Youth Energy series to my mother. So far, she loves the pre-essence & face cream.

I was a sceptic about this brand, but now I’m a loyal supporter and am looking forward to trying out the rest of the products.

Daisy Sky is truly healing my skin because at this moment when my skin is sensitive and irritated, I am just using Helichrysum Hydrosol (pungent scent but shockingly effective on irritated skin & pimples), Centella Asiatica essence/Ampoule (this is my HG ingredient) and Bulgarian Real Rose Gel and the Classic No. 1 mask.

Daisy Sky has return health to my skin and I’m loving how clear my skin is becoming again.

Joy Chuah Xin Yee 30 / Combination Oily

I love Daisy Sky products because of its natural ingredients and for me most important is no paraben! I’ve always been looking for skincare that is natural yet effective! Best of all the scent is so real and authentic!

I have ance-prone and combination skin. To be frank, at the beginning I wasn’t impressed with the products when I just started using. Because I didn’t get the WOW factor after using it for a week. But I believe my skin needs time to actually improve. So, I continue using it for about 4 months now. And true enough my skin improved to be better smoother and stable! I am using lavender and rose hydrosol.

I have very good impression towards Daisy Sky because of its natural ingredients and I’ve got the feeling that whatever I apply on my face is all good stuff without worrying harsh chemical. And is very suitable for Malaysia weather.

I already recommended to my mom and she bought the rose hydrosol, she loves it! Yes, and I will recommend it to my friends too!

I love their sheet mask so much, one of the best sheet masks that I’ve ever tried. And I am looking forward for other products to try on my skin!

Chai Sin Yee / Acne combination skin


在创办人Wan Lin的推荐下尝试了,用了一星期皮肤状况真的改善很多,黑头粉刺明显减少。很喜欢hydrosol味道很天然舒服,精华乳液吸收得很快,滋润而不油腻。面膜,简直是爱不释手,鼻翼的设计更是贴心,敷完肌肤直接水嫩发亮隔天睡觉还水当当的。

那有什么品牌创始人会这么贴近你,亲自解答您的疑问给你最快的咨询。Daisy Sky 简直是超级良心的有机护肤产品,我用得很安心,肌肤变得健康又开心,试用过你一定会爱上的!

Girlry / Oily combination

本身的皮肤是酒槽肌,大部分时间脸部都是泛红状态,在选用护肤品时都需要格外小心,所以化妆台上尽是一堆NG产品,起初对Daisy Sky也是抱着尝试的心态,就买了他家的面膜,也不抱太大期望,直到用上一片以后,隔天鼻翼的部分竟然出奇的没有泛红,我在想难道心里作用?一直到老公说,诶,你的皮肤今天很好哦!我才确定自己不是心里作用,我还连续三天都敷他家的面膜,开始期待这产品给我带来的效果

June Chong / Dry and sensitive skin

After trying Daisy Sky Classic No. 1 Natural Mask, I made a purchase of their bestselling Herb Rhythm Foaming Face Wash and I’m very happy with the results.

This gentle cleanser removes all impurities and does not leave the skin tight or dry. I also love its fresh and calming scent of geranium and sweet orange!

On the ingredients, this cleanser uses a plant base surfactant-APG (amino acid surfactant) which is very gentle to the eyes area and safe for your skin. It also contains sodium lauroyl oat amino acid which helps in retaining the natural moisture throughout the day.

Most importantly, this cleanser has no fragrance, no coloring, no alcohol, paraben-free and zero preservatives. It is suitable for all skin types, especially sensitive and acne-prone skin.

Would I repurchase? Definitely


我是属于干性敏感皮肤,有的洗面奶用起来会刺痛。用了植物韻律雲潔面慕斯,这已经是回购了,泡沫洗面奶很舒服,用了也不紧绷,也不刺痛。非常舒服 这种效果非常非常的不错.

洗面奶特别方便按两下足够了,泡沫很细腻的,有淡淡的精油清香味,偶尔我会拿来洗澡呢。我和孩子都很喜欢 !

日间隔离乳 感觉很滑 质地轻薄 粉质细腻。吸收快,不太油腻特别服帖,连粉底也没用了,又有防晒功效 ,对比其他防晒真的算清爽 ,朋友们都说我的皮肤变得很有光泽,非常推薦!

Kirby / Dry Skin

Having a good skin is important to me as it directly portrays on your complexion itself. Stumbled upon Daisy Sky and to be honest I was kind of skeptical at first. Have been using their hydrosol for months now and I must say I’ve seen changes on my skin (Pores minimized and less redness, more hydrated skin) Love how it feels every time I use it. Non greasy/sticky, super light texture and easily absorb.

One hydrosol can be used in many ways so that’s another plus point here! Love the fact that their products are all-natural vegan aromatherapy products with ZERO nasty ingredients. Will definitely recommend this to friends and family who wants au natural organic skincare (that works) and looking forward to discover what other products can do for my skin.

Ng Xing Zi / Combination Skin

My favorite product is Lavender and Chamomile Derm-Revival Gel. I am using it as my night time moisturizer or as a SOS mask by applying a thick layer on my face. The soothing and aromatic scent of lavender and chamomile instantly hit your nostrils as you open the lid. I am so happy that the highlighted ingredients are placed at the top of the ingredient list, plus many other great anti-inflammatory ingredients like porphyridium cruentum extract (red alga), cucumis sativus extract (cucumber), panthenol (vitamin B5) and dipotassium glycyrrhizate that keep your inflamed skin with pimples at bay.

This gel is very moisturizing by using just an amount of fingertip. The gel absorbs well into your skin, leaving a glowing, soothed and plump skin. I found out that it instantly heals your face from being very dehydrated and sensitive if you apply as a mask. It heals my tiny wounds after squeezing pimples too! I recommend this gel if you are looking for a gel type moisturizer as many gel moisturizers in the market love to add carbomer and dimethicone, which can possibly clog your pores. Hydration and calming benefits in just one pleasant tub!

Simone Lew Si Wen / Sensitive & blemish-prone

I’ve known this brand for quite long time and lately I got a chance to try them out and I found that they give me amazing results. They are all-natural aromatherapy product and suit my sensitive skin very well. I have been using Daisy Sky for 6 months now. It keeps my skin smooth and glowing. It calms my skin very well and helps to reduce redness on my cheeks, my skin looks brighter and feels hydrated now. Also, my skin doesn’t feel itchy after using it. I love the Rose alba hydrosol because it brightens my dull skin. My face getting better every day. I like the rose gel too. High recommend their classic no.1 natural mask, 15 minutes can ease your troubled skin especially dull and sensitive skin.

I would recommend to my friends and family to use Daisy Sky skincare products because they are all natural.

Esther 28 / Combination and Sensitive skin

I’m so in love with Daisy Sky products especially the Rose hydrosol because it is all-natural and gentle to my skin. It makes my skin feel hydrated and smooth. I use the rose hydrosol together with rose gel as sandwich mask, I can see my pore becomes smaller immediately after the mask. This makes me confident in my choice.

Daisy Sky products are very affordable.

I introduce Daisy Sky to my family and friends too, as these products really healed my skin. No regret on trying Daisy Sky product.

Jasmine Chai 36 / Combination Oily

今年真正接触了Daisy Sky品牌的护肤品。这3个都是我在用着的产品:

Foam cleanser 的效果真的有点让我意外,用了后即使还没涂上moisturizer 皮肤也不会干燥紧绷的。

Rose Otto Hydrosol 的味道很舒服,很 calm。感觉是整个人都变轻松了。

Rose gel 的保湿效果真的很好。

自从用了Daisy Sky后,也改善了我的皮肤,每天早上起来的皮肤的油分也变少了

Chu Man

认识我的人都知道我很喜欢尝试各式各样的保养品,家里都摆着不同品牌的产品。所以当在FB上看到Daisy Sky时就想尝试一下。第一个接触Daisy Sky的保养品是Lavender Hydrosol。一开始用时觉得薰衣草的味道超浓的,不过用了一段时间觉得超舒服,放松的,晚上要睡前拿来喷一喷,有助眠的效果。接着入手的是Lavender Gel,它的吸收能力很好,我不喜欢用了粘腻的保养品,这个gel不会有粘腻的感觉,对我来说还会减少出油。还有最喜欢的用法是用hydrosol+ gel做成mask。每次用了之后脸会变得嫩嫩滑滑。


Soo Ai Jia