Massage Aromatherapy Candles


    100% vegan – made of pure essential oil and soy wax

    DAISY SKY MALAYSIA has always been an advocate for organic aromatherapy products made with zero preservatives or parabens and cruelty-free.

    It is with great pleasure for us to introduce the first of DAISY SKY MALAYSIA Homeware – our very own Massage Aromatherapy Candles, available in Gold and Silver. Made from pure essential oil and GM free soy wax, these beautiful and elegant addition to your home are also 100% vegan. The different scents of these candles are specifically selected for relaxation, stress-free and for those who are sensitive to allergens and chemicals.

    Once diffused, the gently heated wax can be applied directly onto skin as a warm deep hydrating moisturiser.

    All products are from 100% recyclable materials and are in full compliance with food safety testing standards. The ceramic can is reusable.

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